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Erica Lynn Rodriguez

Designer with a new found passion for front-end web development

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About Me

I’m a Graphic Designer with an insatiable curiosity and a hunger for learning. I recently completed a front-end development course at General Assembly. Since then I have continued to immerse myself in code. I’m hooked! I daydream about stuffing my Subaru Outback full of all of my belongings and moving to the Pacific Northwest. I love to travel, trying new recipes, and getting my hands dirty gardening.

Current obessions:

  • Sublime Text
  • Codepen
  • Sass
  • Jekyll
  • Github
  • Codekit

Current heros:

Other Activities & Interests:

  • cooking
  • frequent potlucks with my neighbors
  • playing with my dog
  • travel
  • yoga
  • nutrition
  • cartography
  • infographics
  • typography